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Our vision is to be the world-leading developer of Moomin mobile games. We wish to create Moomin games suitable for the whole family; games which connect children, teenagers, moms, dads and grandparents. Our idea is to continue the Moomin story with fun games, which are played together.

The Moomin story comes alive in games

The Moomins speak to people of all ages, all around the world. We want to create Moomin games for players of different ages, which can be played together or individually, with family or friends. We bring people together in the spirit of the Moomins.

Our story

How we became Snowfall

When the first snow fell in the cold north at the end of 2014, three entrepreneurs from Turku met paths. The city was dark with rivers frozen, but a new idea glowed like a lantern in the winter night. The entrepreneurs sparked an idea of collaboration.

Why the Moomins? The attraction of the strong domestic brand was irresistible. Everyone loves the good-natured Moomins, who have an air of safety and positive energy. One of the entrepreneurs had a long working history with the Moomin brand and products. The trio decided to build a game around the Moomin brand and to investigate the interest on the market.

Finnish values, great ambitions

In 2015, the entrepreneurs launched their first Moomin mobile game.Moomin Adventures: Jam Run rose to the top of the Finnish download charts in a matter of days. There was a clear interest for Moomin games. Encouraged by the success of the game’s soft launch, the trio decided to establish a new company, whose business would focus on Moomin games. With Finnish values and expertise, Snowfall saw the light of day.

The interest of investors and the entrepreneurs’ strong belief in the demand for Moomin games made the founding of Snowfall possible. Instead of focusing on one game, the idea behind Snowfall is to create multiple different Moomin mobile games - for all ages - the entire family, a shared joy all around the world.

Our future

Seeking something greater

The Moomins are a globally recognized, immensely popular brand, especially in Asia. During the years to come, our objective is to develop several Moomin mobile games targeted for different age groups, which would bring together families and friends in a fun way, all over the world. In the future, we see Snowfall as the world’s largest company developing Moomin mobile games.

Moomins at the forefront of the game industry

The game industry evolves in leaps and bounds. For both the Moomin brand and for technology, we want to be part of a greater whole. Regardless of the method of gameplay, we want to create games around the Moomin theme, with cutting edge technology. Our brilliant team of skilled makers senses the trends and opportunities of the game industry.

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