Moomin Under Sail

Our upcoming title, “Moomin Under Sail”, is a free-to-play mobile simulation game where players need to build and manage their own sailing ship and set sail for adventures. Each player will be able to create and customize their own Moomin ship and meet all of the vibrant characters from Tove Jansson’s original work.

The player must balance the crew’s wellbeing by providing food, activities and entertainment along with solving specific challenges given by each game character in order to maintain the harmony on board. However, every time it feels like the game might be getting easier, a random event will throw a spanner in the works: leaks, fires or an invasion of rats risk turning all of the player’s careful plans on their head. The bigger the ship grows and the more crew members there are on board, the more thoughtful balancing is required from the player.

Will YOU be the ultimate adventurer of Moomin Under Sail?

The current version is available on:

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Moomin: Match & Explore

Moomin Under Sail adventures continue ashore. Follow the Moomins on new adventures as they embark on new adventures on dry land, meeting new characters and experiencing new stories, all through a new match-3 gameplay.

New challenges and adventures!

“Moomin: Match & Explore”, is a free-to- play mobile puzzle game where players continue exploring the world from our “Moomin Under Sail” game, but this time on land: follow the Moomins as they step ashore and face new challenges and adventures.


The current version is available on:

Moomin Sticker App

Ever wanted to express yourself with Moomins? Now you can, with Moomin Sticker App!

Use the app to:

  • Send stickers to Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. with a single click.
  • Discover new Moomin-themed sticker packs.
  • Stickers are available directly from your keyboard!

The current version is available on:

Race with your friends!

Jam Run is a new mobile game in which you can race as a Moomin character and help Moominmamma by collecting ingredients for her grandmotherÂ’'s secret jam recipe.

Players can choose their favourite Moomin character from several well-known characters, and race against each other to help Moominmamma to make jam for the people of Moominvalley.

Who is the fastest and who can make the most jam?

The current version of Jam Run has been launched for test purposes only - a lot of great feedback from Moomin fans and Jam Run's players has been collected; a monetisation roadmap for an updated version is clear - the business case looks very attractive and the company is moving ahead with a customer driven Jam Run game.

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The current version is available on:

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